Summertown Roofing Company Review

Submitted by Terence Read on 28/08/2022

Gutter repairs and some renewed

Overall Rating

Agreed price booked in within a week . Great job done . There Very respectable and polite. Definitely would recommend to friends and family

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My flat roof repair. Great communiction !!!!

Very detailed workmanship -We had a leak in our flat roof which caused damp issues inside. They were the best quote and did the job in one swoop within 2-3 hours. I would be happy to recommend.

Submitted by Seamus Heaney on 25/11/2022

New roof and guttering. Great services!!!

John and is team from Summertown did a fantastic Job on our new roof including our neighbours roof as well I would like to recommend Summertown roofing company Ltd and I want to thank the guys for there hard work kind regards Emma.

Submitted by Brian Barrett on 22/08/2022

Roof install, Fair prices and great communication

The technicians at Summertown Roofing Co were very prompt and efficient. I was very pleased with the work. The roof was on another house and I needed the job done immediately. And most importantly, the roof looks great. They did a great job and were really nice! We were very happy and would definitely recommend

Submitted by Jetmir Bardhoshi on 08/08/2022

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