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Reasons of Leaking Roofs and Maintenance Tips

Reasons of Leaking Roofs and Maintenance Tips

No one wants to run for a bucket every time it rains. There is nothing more irritating and frustrating than leaking roof.  Leaking roof can happen due to various reasons. But mainly leaking roof leaking roof occur because of lack of maintenance. Here are some common reasons and maintenance tips to save your investment -

  • Roof and materials used get old as time passes. Fluctuation in temperature causes contraction and expansion. Age is one of the top enemies of roof.
  •  Skylights, plumbing pipes, vents, broken shingles and chimneys are common reasons of leaking roof. 
  • Holes in roof are outcome of damage by storm or animals like rats and squirrels. It can also happen because of roofing nails or antenna bracket.
  • Sometimes leaking roof can result from inside problem like air conditioner, plumbing, condensation, improper ventilation.
  • Ice dams, clogged gutters and neglecting drip edge are also some common causes of leaking roof.

Maintenance Tips

  • Conducting inspection of roof regularly and checking out the suspected area of roof leak will save you from big problems and huge expenses.
  • Your attic may be a cause of leaking roof.  Take a flashlight to the attic and check for molds, water stains and black spots.  
  • Gutters are accountable for keeping water away. When was the last occasion you checked or cleaned your gutters? You should clean your gutters twice a year.
  • Just like you maintain your car, you have to invest in roof maintenance. Roof installation require huge amount and you can avoid that by proper maintenance.

You can maintain roof at your level but when you find serious issues you need to hire local roofers or recommended roofers. You should look for perfect local roofing company to get the damaged repaired.

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