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Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors While Hiring

Questions to Ask Roofing Contractors While Hiring

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Other than the foundation, the roof is perhaps mainly the important part of the home and replacing it is a chief home improvement choice.  

When you talk to potential roof contractors, there are some questions you want to ask before you hire the contractor. Below are some questions you should ask the roofing contractor while hiring –

How long have you been in this profession?

How they answer the question will tell you a lot about them and their company. If they have been in this business for only 1 or 2 years, then you will need to do some more efforts.

What license do you have?

A roofing contractor should have appropriate license. Ensure that they have legal license, with no violations and penalties. 

Do you have insurance?

The contractor should have 2 insurance – general liability and workman’s compensation. General liability is for damage done to your home by contractor and workman’s compensation is for situation when employee gets wounded while working. 

Do you have any referrals?

Talking to previous employers of the contractor will give you idea about the contractor. It can give valuable insight of the company. Just ask referrals few questions about their work, behavior, complaints, etc.

Will you remove the old roof?

This task is commonly included but make sure of it by asking them. You don’t want to see in your bill removal of old rood added as extra charge. 

How much time the job will require?

It is good to have the right time of how much time the job will take and what will happen if the go beyond the fixed time. 

Whether you are looking for Local Roofing Company or local roofers, you can ask the above mentioned questions to hire the right one.

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