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Fibreglass Roofing – Why You Should Switch To Fibreglass Immediately

Fibreglass Roofing – Why You Should Switch To Fibreglass Immediately

Although it seems like a newcomer in the world of roofing materials, fibreglass has actually been a

proven roofing material for over 80 years in the UK. Many home-owners are ditching their traditional

felt roofs in favour of fibreglass. And there is a very good reason for that.

Fibreglass lasts six times longer than any of the traditional materials, with felt roofing lasting for only 5

years, while fibreglass can last up to 30 years. But lifespan isn't the only advantage fibreglass has over

some more traditional materials.

Fibreglass is one of the most durable roofing materials on the market, it is fully resistant to rot and

insect damage, and stands well against the elements. Not even prolonged sun exposure affects the

colour, meaning that it will stay practicaly the same through the entirety of it's thirty-year lifespan. It's

also completely impervious to water and fire. Fibreglass battles water so well, that, if mounted properly,

you will never have any problems with leakage. In fact, corrugated fibreglass is so sturdy, that some

manufacturers offer a life-time guarantee on it.

Despite the top-quality resistances, corrugated fibreglass is one of the cheaper options on the market,

making it perfect for those with tighter budget that want a premium quality roof. Speaking of budget,

you will find little to none maintenance costs if you opt for fibreglass. It's water resistance makes sure

that you won't deal with mould, unlike traditional roofs where, by the time you spot it leaking,

significant damage has already been done. It isn't tackled by rust or corrosion, nor do you ever have to

apply coats of paint. A detergent, and some good scrubbing will get the job done when it comes to

fibreglass roofs.

Fibreglass comes in a plethora of grades and colours, including even the ability of allowing light to filter

through it easily. Fibreglass is designed to keep direct sunlight, UV rays and excessive heat out of your

home. The roofing is customizable almost indefinetely meaning that fibreglass will fit pretty much every

structure ranging from homes to greenhouses.

Lightweight, and incredibly easy to install, fibreglass is surely one of the best roofing materials out

there, making it no wonder that more and more home-owners in the UK are opting for it

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