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5 Reasons you should keep your Roof in tip top shape.

5 Reasons you should keep your Roof in tip top shape.

Property value- Always having a roof in good condition makes your house more attractive on the housing market. While it may not directly increase your property market value, it will make it more attractive to prospective buyers and decrease the market times. Re - doing your roof can be anything but cheap, and with a wide variety of resources, styles and companies available it can be difficult to know where to start. However, with companies like Kanda, who enable tradespeople to offer financing to their customers, finding the best roof for your home is far more in reach. 

Home Comfort -  Food in your belly and a roof over your head, aren't those the most important things in our basic human necessities? Having a roof in good condition allows peace of mind as well as comfort. A roof is literally the backbone of a good home. If you have a leak in your roof it can lead to other problems internally, and once the moisture gets in it's hard to repair the damage. 

Neighbourhood aesthetics -   You should be proud of your home, from your lawn, to your paint job to your roof. It can say alot about how you live. Do you really want to be the only house in the neighbourhood that looks like a hurricane recently came through?

Safety - Your roof keeps you safe from elements, and the structural integrity of it should be well looked after. Roofs have been known to collapse all over the world due to shoddy workmanship, so make sure you take care of yours right!

Keeping the bills low - As nearly half the money you spend on utilities is allocated toward either keeping your house warm or cooling it down, spending money up front on a good quality roof can save you thousands in the long term. 

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